AlissaBDavis Hobbyjam

Alissa Davis –

Alissa Davis is an executive with, serving in the role of senior vice president of customer satisfaction for the credit reporting and monitoring company. Alissa studied business management and operations as an undergraduate before going on to earn her MBA in corporate social responsibility, and she has since applied the lessons learned through the […]

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Danny Loschiavo HBJ

Danny Loschiavo

An entrepreneur with specific expertise in marketing and web design, Danny Loschiavo is the co-founder of BoldLeads, the immensely popular and effective real estate lead generation company. Danny’s entrepreneurial endeavor has been a boon for real estate agents all over the country, particularly since the family-owned and operated business is capable of streamlining the lead-generation […]

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James Kappen HBJ

James Kappen

James Kappen is the founder and CEO of Proposable, an online sales proposal platform designed to streamline the entirety of the sales proposal process, including its creation, delivery, tracking and more. Kappen, a resident of Santa Barbara, California, has enjoyed previous success in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors and has applied many of the lessons […]

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Dr Troy HobbyJam

Dr. Troy Dreiling – Owner, Zenaptic Chiropractic

An avid fan of working out, Dr. Troy Dreiling has been in the chiropractic field since he opened his practice in 1995. His clinic, Zenaptic Chiropractic has been a 5-time recipient of the Best of Clark County Reader’s Choice Awards. Contrary to what people believe about chiropractors only treating neck and back pains, Dr. Troy […]

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Michele Frazier Hobbyjam

Michele Frazier

Michele Frazier, educational consultant and life coach for children, has been in the educational service for well over 20 years with experience in relationships and mentorship allowing her to succeed in her newly founded mentorship program. Ms. Frazier started the educational mentorship program with the end goal of lifting up the lives and school performance […]

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Ian Leaf 2

Ian Leaf

Ian Leaf, of Dublin, founder of “Ian Leaf Fraud Watcher” is a renowned consumer advocate who has dedicated the entirety of his professional career to eradicating fraudulent behavior from the marketplace and ensuring consumers are aware of the pitfalls of tax fraud as well as consumer fraud. With the help of Ian Andrews, funding for […]

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scott groza hobbyjam

Scott Groza

As the co-founder of the Groza Learning Center, Scott Groza has succeeded in creating and providing access to an academic environment that is both rigorous and enjoyable for each and every individual student, thereby ensuring all students are able to achieve their individual academic goals. The longtime resident of California has long been an advocate […]

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Darren Pawski Hobbyjam

Darren Pawski 

Perth, Western Australia native Darren Pawski has spent nearly 30 years serving in critical positions of leadership while working in the finance industry. With previous experience that includes essential roles with the region’s most respected financial institutions, Darren has long been a key contributor able to draw on a vast and varied skill set. In […]

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Azeez Hobbyjam 1

Azeez Abiodun – MD

An internist who currently works in one of Maryland’s leading hospital, Azeez Abiodun, hails from Nigeria and makes it a point to go back to his homeland at least once a year to help address various medical problems of people who have no access to medical and health services. The death of his beloved mother […]

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Luigi Wewege HobbyJam 600x600

Luigi Wewege

Luigi Wewege is the president and CEO of Vivier Group and is also a managing partner with Palmetto Global Ventures, bringing years of professional and academic experience to these critical leadership roles. With a strong background in international business, finance and management, Mr. Wewege has been a key component in the success of these ventures, […]

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