Dr. Thomas V. Taylor

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Taking retirement to a new vivacious energy level, Dr. Thomas V. Taylor pursues his passion for music and singing as a tenor with the Choral Society of Performing Arts. As a musician, he plays the guitar as a challenge to elevate his playing competencies to optimal performance levels. As an author, he has published ten books. Dr. Thomas Taylor’s latest book is being prepared for launch by his publisher. The book is the study of individuals who are predisposed to life longevity. His book identifies individual factors for a healthy lifestyle. These are only a few activities that bring pleasure to Dr. Taylor’s retirement days.

Alternatively, Dr. Thomas V. Taylor is a huge sports fan. He played cricket as a younger man and he continues to stay up on the latest games. He is a member of the Manchester United Football Club Supporters. He supports the Houston Astros and is an avid supporter of the Houston Texans.  Furthermore, Dr. Taylor has been a train enthusiast since he was a child.  When he allows himself the time, he is an artist of watercolor painting which adorn the walls of his home.

Many retirees have too many hours in a day. This is not the case with Dr. Thomas Taylor. He Enjoys teaching and studying various topics, writing, and discussing current affairs. He is an Author, Vocalist, Musician, Inventor, Train enthusiast, Sports Enthusiast, and a Painter. His days are filled with creativity, intelligent conversation, and entertainment all of which he gains great delight.

What is your favorite hobby?

I sing classical and choir music. I also play the guitar. I am a train enthusiast.  I’ve always liked singing and when I was a student, I used to sing the more popular music of the day. The songs I use to sing were the top twenty songs. I’ve always enjoyed singing. I have done it for many years. In later years my singing has evolved from popular music to classical music of the Choral Society.

Can you tell us what you love about singing Classical and Choir music?

I find that singing classical music is very satisfying. It is also relaxing at the same time energizing. It provides a stimulus to achieve good results, to concentrate on the music, and to perfect one’s technique as far as possible. It is a challenge and it is both interesting and exciting. It also enables me to have the opportunity to meet many people. Often times we meet socially. Overall, it is a very healthy and beneficial thing to get involved in.

Other than the Choral Society and your Church Choir, In what do you participate?

In the past, I was with the Choral Society in Houston, and the Choral Society in England, I also sang with the choral section of the Houston Symphony Orchestra. I’ve sung in Church Choirs all over Houston and I’ve also sung at and with a Choral Society in Massachusetts.

Have you had to invest in any equipment and if so can you share whatever you have bought?

I have purchased music from a variety of music stores. The only music equipment that I have purchased is my guitar. I purchased the lessons to learn how to play the guitar.  I play it as well. It is another hobby of mine. I also enjoy railways. I have been a steam engine train enthusiast my entire life.

Where do you buy most of your supplies for your music and singing?

I purchased the printed music from a variety of music stores. I purchased my guitar from a guitar supply store along with the lessons in playing the guitar. I had voice lessons over the past twenty years or so from various teachers along the way. I wanted to learn about the theory of music. I also wanted to learn how to read music. While I was still a surgeon, I took a semester on the theory of music and how to read music from Houston Community College.

Are there any good music or singing books for beginners?

When I started out playing guitar, I first purchased any basic beginner books for guitar players. There are different books for styles or methods of playing the guitar. There are books that provide simple guitar chords to start off. You can also buy music that is written specifically for a guitar. The kind of guitar you play will determine what kind of music books you will want to buy. It will be very different music played from an acoustic guitar then there will be from an electric guitar. There will be several questions to consider when buying the music books that will suit the music you want to learn.

How has your guitar and singing changed your life?

I find playing the guitar and singing to be enjoyable and quite satisfying. They are a great source of stress relief. It has been a challenge. It is a wonderful way to keep the mind active. It always provides a stimulus because there is always a variety of different kinds of music. It requires a lot of effort to achieve the optimal results for your capability. I have found it to be extremely enjoyable and enormously challenging. That is in addition to being an extraordinary stress reliever.

What advice do you have for others starting out with this hobby?

I would tell anyone, including my younger self, Dr. Thomas V. Taylor, to start in either singing or playing the guitar that the first thing they would have to do is have lessons for either hobby. Learn from a professional to optimize your technique. There is a lot of learning to optimize an individual’s technique. The guitar is not an easy instrument to learn, at least it was not for me. It requires a lot of practice. Much like everything else in life you have to be dedicated and put in a lot of hours. Everything ultimately comes with repetition and learning and attempting to improve your technique. It is all in practice, practice, practice. You have to put a lot of time and energy into it but you also get a lot of satisfaction out of it. So, in the beginning, you really have to have a great interest in learning how to play and a passion for the time you will spend for each and every achievement that you will eventually triumph over in order to succeed.

Are there any other hobbies you have?

I love all sports, particularly baseball and cricket. The world cup is going on right now. I have been listening to it on the radio. The games go on for several hours. It is a good thing that I can listen and enjoy it immensely, and still get other things done. The game comes down to the last few balls to decide the winners. It makes the game very exciting right until the end. I use to play when I was younger. It takes a lot of skill to play.

Regarding my interest in trains, my interest was piqued when I was a child. There was a railway station next to my home. I use to love to watch the trains pass by or stop. They were steam engines that were driven with coal. They had to stop across a field for water. I’d go down and watch them fill and prep before they moved on. I love steam engines, and although they are not often used anymore, there is still an interest. There are still a few small lines that must use steam engines to run.

I also have an interest in current affairs. I wish I had the time to do watercolor paintings as well. Although, I have many of my paintings on my walls.

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