Joseph Maharaj has always had a love of travel.  This started after honeymooning with his wife Raquel in Tahiti.  Since then, the Maharaj family has added 2 children, but kept the love of travel as a big part of their family.  Together, the family has taken dozens of trips to places near and far, including the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, California, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

What is your hobby?

I love to plan and organize travel for my family.

How did you get started with this hobby?

Ever since vacationing in Tahiti with my wife in 2007, we have had a love of travel.  When we had kids, we knew we wanted to share the travel experience with them.  Both of our children love to travel now as well.

Tell us what you love about your hobby.

It is exciting to discover a new place, learn about new cultures, and experience things that you cannot regularly do at home.  It is this sense of adventure that keeps our family coming back to travel to new places and rediscover other places we have already traveled to.

What types of things/equipment have you spent money on for your hobby?

My wife and I have purchased new luggage, travel backpacks, a drone, and a Go-Pro camera to capture special moments.



What are some of your favorite places to shop for your hobby?

We do most of our shopping online for our travel needs.  We comparison shop, but have successfully purchased most of our travel items on Amazon.

How much money have you invested into this? How much would a beginner have to invest to get started?

That is the beauty of travel – it can be done luxuriously with a bunch of money, but it is also accessible to anyone on a budget.  We have experienced both luxury and budget travel and they are both great and worthwhile depending on what you are looking to experience.  Anyone who wants to see other places in the world should go for it regardless of their financial situation – anyone can do it with a bit of will and determination!

Are there any good books for beginners?

Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic: 225 of the World’s Most AmazingPlaces is a book that my family has used to come up with new places to travel.  We would like to continue to work our way through our bucket list destinations from this book.  The book can be purchased here:
Lifetime by National Geographic: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places

Are there any online videos you recommend to help beginners?

Our family follows several families that post travel videos on social media.  These include:

The Bucket List Family –
Growing Up without Borders –
The Backpacking Family –



How has your hobby changed your life?

Travel has given our entire family a new perspective on our everyday lives by getting to experience other cultures and traditions.  It has also given us a deep respect and empathy for other people because we have seen first hand how amazing other ways of life can be.  We love having a sense of adventure, always ready to take on the next challenge that comes before us as a family.

What advice do you have for others starting out with this hobby?

My advice would be to get started with travel as soon as possible.  Once you experience other places, you will be hooked and will make travel a priority moving forward.