Alyssa Reichel

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Entrepreneur, Alyssa Reichel found her passion at an extremely early age in life. At sixteen, she had a love for fine jewelry. She devoured information regarding exclusive designers and the latest in trends. She entered the industry at the same time that she enrolled in an early admissions graduate program. She earned her degree by the time she was eighteen. Refusing to allow grass to grow beneath her feet, Alyssa Reichel became an entrepreneur at the age of twenty-two. 

 For over twenty years, Alyssa Reichel has owned and operated a thriving upscale boutique in Woodmere, New York. Her boutique provides uniquely designed impeccably crafted costume travel jewelry. She has been catering to the elite women in the communities known as the Five Towns, and beyond. When looking for business supplies, she does a lot of walking and cover a lot of ground when purchasing specialty items for her store.

Alyssa is a single parent and a natural athlete. When not with her son, she makes the most out of the opportunity by spending more time at the gym and with her friends. Another hobby that she truly appreciates is retail therapy. She enjoys changing up her look regularly and she is always looking for new fashion trends.

What is your hobby?

The most invigorating hobby I enjoy is working out. I love going to the gym. I work out for an hour and a half to two hours per day.

How did you get started? What inspired you?

I was always an athlete. My father is a part-time tennis coach. It encouraged me to become a Tennis player. I have always valued being in-shape. I have been going to the gym as long as I can remember. The thing that inspires me most about this hobby is the physical benefits that a good work-out can provide. I enjoy the way it feels and appreciate the way I look. I am single now. I have the opportunity to spend much more time at the gym.

Tell us what you love about it.

What I love about it is that it gives me a natural high when I am working out. It makes me feel healthy. I know I am doing something positive for my body. Living a healthy lifestyle allows me to appreciate the way I look. 

Are there any groups you’re a part of or events that you attend related to your hobby?

In addition to my daily workouts, I meet with a group to work-out with a personal trainer once a week. Personal trainers are beneficial even at my level because they pay attention to techniques to assist in achieving specific fitness goals efficiently, without injury.

Have you had to invest in equipment? If so, please share.

I purchased a roman press. It is a hyperextension chair that strengthens the lower back and core muscles. I use the roman press quite often at home. I also have a large ball. I sit on the ball and do 500 sit-ups a day.

Where do you buy most of your supplies? (please see if the client would like to change her answer to a hobby question)

When looking for supplies for business, I attend a lot of jewelry trade shows. I also go to many showrooms. I have over a hundred sources that I deal with. 

Are there any good books for beginners?

I cannot recommend any books to start your own business or for working out. I am currently reading Women are from Venus Men are from Mars. I would highly recommend it.

How has this changed your life?

Working out daily has transformed my body. I have more stamina. My brain functions to the highest capacity possible. I am also very focused. That focus has helped me with my business in many ways as well. It has made me more independent. It gave me a sense of responsibility. Not being able to depend on a paycheck, but having to actually make your own money, is a very big challenge.

What advice do you have for others starting out with this hobby?

The advice that I would give to anyone starting out with a new daily workout routine, is to start slowly. Don’t overdo it because you will strain your muscles. I have had many injuries over the years. Believe me, it is not worth it. You have to work your way up into heavier weights with longer training and true dedication.

Are there any other hobbies you have?

Another hobby that I truly appreciate is clothing shopping. It is somewhat like a re-sell therapy.