Quality Guidelines

Getting your interview published on Hobby Jam is easy if you write a quality interview.

  1. Your interview must be 100% unique content. Please do not copy/paste any part of your interview from other published content on the web. We check all content with copyscape and reserve the right to not publish any interview we feel is not original.
  2. Write several sentences to answer each question. Be conversational and engaging so our readers will share your interview.
  3. You may include one external hyperlink within your interview. Use proper HTML format <a href=”http://website.com”>link text here</a>. Example: This is a link to <a href=”http://Google.com“>Google</a>.
  4. Image size must include your face and be at least 600px x 600px. Interviews without pictures or with low quality images will be rejected.
  5. Promote your interview by linking to it from your website and/or sharing it in your social media. NOTE: Do not create spammy links to your interview. We track all links directed at HobbyJam and interviews receiving spammy links will be permanently deleted.
  6. Example of a great interview: https://hobbyjam.com/mike-munter/
  7. All interviews are reviewed and if accepted, they are published within 90-120 days of receipt unless. Get expedited publishing within 72 hours.