Dr. Lane Sebring


Dr. Lane Sebring


Dr. Lane Sebring is a fully licensed medical doctor operating a private practice, the Sebring Clinic, based out of Wimberly, Texas. While he began his career as a traditional doctor working in a hospital, he was soon considered an “alternative medicine” provider based on his reliance on the Paleo Diet, a diet modeled after what the earliest humans ate to remain healthy for the duration of their lives.

Today, Dr. Sebring operates his Sebring Clinic and an attached Paleo Pharmacy that provides everything his patients need to embrace the Paleo lifestyle. He recently sat down with us to explain why he finds fitness and nutrition so interesting.

What is your hobby?

I know it’s my career, but my greatest passion is the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet eschews modern dairy and processed foods in favor of natural foodstuffs available to ancient man, such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I firmly believe that switching to this diet can help millions of Americans increase both their life expectancy and quality of life, so I constantly advise my patients to embrace it.

How did you get started with this hobby? What inspired you?

I attended a medical conference in the mid-1990s where a bunch of nutritionists gathered to discuss alternative diet programs. Loren Cordain spoke about the merits of the Paleo Diet at that conference, and I immediately realized that I had found my medical calling.

Tell us what you love about it.

I love all the steak it lets me eat! (Laughs) Jokes aside, most fad diets expect you to eat bland cardboard or nothing at all to deliver the extravagant results they claim to offer. Paleo food can be absolutely delicious, so you don’t have to compromise flavor to live a healthier lifestyle. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh meat—the paleo diet is all about eating foods straight from the Earth and helps your body feel better almost immediately.

Have you had to invest in equipment and if so, please share some of the things you’ve bought?

Paleo is still considered a unique treatment method, so my patients were having a hard time finding the materials needed to follow my advice. I opened the Paleo Pharmacy to allow my clinic to serve as a convenient “one-stop shop” for both Paleo advice and supplies. I now sell a variety of Paleo-friendly supplements, including Patriot Power Greens and a digestive aid called Digestive Freedom Plus that helps the human stomach recover from all of the processed ingredients found in the modern diet.

Are there any good books for beginners?

Oh absolutely! Anything by Loren Cordian is a great introduction to Paleo, especially a book simply titled The Paleo Diet. That book reinforced everything I learned at that conference and more, giving me the guidance I needed to dedicate my private practice to the lifestyle.

How has this changed your life?

How hasn’t it? (Laughs) Like many other Paleo adherents, the diet gives me more energy and measurable weight loss results that other diets simply can’t measure up to. I also enjoy the food I eat, allowing me to live every day to its fullest. But most of all, I love the ability to help others and introduce Paleo to the masses.

What advice do you have for others starting out with this hobby?

It might seem tough at first, but I advise everyone to stick with it because the benefits are life changing. My website, DrLaneSebring.com, includes tasty recipes and other tips that help make the lifestyle more accessible, allowing novices and experts alike to go Paleo and live longer, happier lives