Edward Traylor

Edward Traylor HobbyJam

Edward Traylor is an accomplished maritime Master Captain, an Aviation professional, master machinist, and classical Pianist. He has four hobbies that equally capture his attention. The first mentioned is his maritime hobby. He has a love for the sea. He is a third-generation seaman. His grandfather was a Captain. His father was also a Captain of a large vessel.

His second hobby has also been inspired by family history. Edward Traylor is a third-generation aviator. Edward’s grandfather was a pilot in WWII. He left the service after the war as a flight instructor. He Captained B-24s (Liberators) over France during the war. When his grandfather came out of the service, he taught Edward’s father how to fly. Edward’s father taught Edward how to fly. He recalls sitting in his father’s lap as young as eight-years-old, landing their Cessna 210. He got the bug for aviation at a young age and continued down that path. He is always trying to learn more about aviation and further his experience, hours and knowledge.

The third hobby, he picked up on his own and happened to be good at it. Edward Traylor is also machinist. He became a master of working with metals, TIG welding, and machining. He takes great pleasure in being able to build things with his hands. To Edward, it is as an indescribable and rewarding field. Fortunately, Edward has been able to parlay his expertise into building various technology components, which have assisted him in his professional life.

The fourth hobby was inspired by his family also. His Grandmother performed as an organist and a pianist. Edward’s father and uncle were both organists and pianists as well. Ultimately becoming a pianist came very naturally to him. He didn’t enjoy the piano at all at first, he actually wanted to play the drums-which he did in his youth. As he got older, the piano became his instrument of choice and has brought him much joy. He likes to write music and covers of popular songs.

How did you get started with this hobby? What inspired you?

The inspiration for three out of four of my hobbies was inspired by my parents. My father for being able to teach me about the various aspects of Captaining, aviation, and music. My Mother instilled in me the values and the discipline to continue to develop and hone the necessary skills and discipline to master these hobbies.

Tell us what you love about it.

I find all things maritime fascinating especially regard to technology in the maritime sector.

Are there any groups you’re a part of or events that you attend related to your hobby?

I am a lifetime member of the Aircraft Owners Pilot Association (AOPA) with regards to my passion for aviation. AOPA has done wonders for the aviation community. It has helped with legislation to keep General Aviation (GA) alive. It has assisted in keeping GA from being cost prohibitive and also helped to keep GA laws up to date and championed the FAA for adoption of various new technologies such as ADS-B. I will always contribute to that organization – they do so much for Aviation.

Have you had to invest in equipment? If so, please share some of the things you’ve purchased.

With my maritime hobby, it is imperative to have up-to-date charts and coastal guides when you are an ocean traveler covering many miles each year.

Where do you buy most of your supplies?

One of the places that I find as a good resource is West Marine, especially the flagship store in South Florida. You can go to the store and take a look at the charts and take a look at a new set of binoculars or VHS radio equipment that you’re considering for an upgrade. You get to see, touch and feel before dropping the cash to buy them. Having a maritime hobby is not cheap, especially when you shop at West Marine! However, you do have the luxury of trying out things before you buy them. I Captained many yachts prior to purchasing my yacht and you never realize the true cost of yacht ownership until you own one. The acquisition cost truly is a fraction of the overall cost of ownership when you step into the larger vessels. Even with vessels as small as 15M, the maintenance, the repairs, the insurance, the dockage, the fuel, it is just one thing after another. It is a very real expenditure and it catches most folks by surprise!

Are there any good books for beginners?

There are many good books for beginners, but I would like to recommend a publication for maritime knowledge that is just as helpful for beginners as it is for professionals. It is called Chapman’s Piloting and Seamanship, which is the defacto standard for being a true Captain. At any level you think you are, you can pick that book up and learn something. It is not so advanced that a novice couldn’t glean information from it but packs enough detail that a seasoned professional can also learn from it.

In regard to Aviation, Gleim Aviation Guides and John and Martha King (of King’s schools) write great course material and learning guides for both beginner as well as advanced aviators. Between both materials, the Gleim guides and the King’s materials you can always increase your depth of knowledge. That is truly what being a Captain, or an Airman is all about. Never stop learning.

How has this changed your life?

I think getting in an airplane and going somewhere for lunch, dinner or a weekend is literally like owning a time machine. It has made the world so navigable. You can never achieve that with a car or a truck. It is incredible to be able to hop on a plane and go somewhere 170+ miles away in under an hour, have lunch and come back and you’ve burned less than three hours of your day.

For maritime, to be able to board your boat or yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and less than two hours later be able to step off your yacht in the Bahamas is also a lifechanging experience. The things you experience, the people you meet, the food you eat like fresh conch salad and cracked lobster, as well as the culture, it is truly remarkable. It is the stuff that bucket-lists are made for. Freedom is the bottom line.

What advice do you have for others starting out with this hobby?

In both the aviation and maritime categories, never stop learning, you can never know enough! When you think you have mastered either of these fields, that is when you are in trouble! Never stop learning! Second, make an effort to understand the true cost of ownership of a yacht or an aircraft as it will catch most people by terrifying surprise.

Are there any other hobbies you have?

During dinner parties, it’s great to have a few close friends over and typically after hors d’ oeuvres and cocktails, we often end up gravitating over towards the piano while chit chatting. We almost always end up with live music and it’s a great time for everyone.

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