Michael W Asimos

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Currently residing in Miami and a cigar enthusiast by trade, Michael W Asimos has been to destinations true cigar officianados will be jealous of.

Michael W. Asimos has a love of many things aside from cigars. He also loves great jazz music, as well as traveling to new places. Combining together his love for both excellent cigars and also discovering new things through travel, he has successfully created his business, which is now thriving.

As a child, Michael was always drawn to science and history and he strongly believed that the former has a great influence on the latter. When he travels, he prefers places with long histories and deep-rooted cultures. These unique destinations not only allow him to satiate his love for history and culture but also educate himself more about cigars.

First Job

He also loves music and music is one of the things, which relieve stress, aside from traveling, and spending time with loved ones. So, it is not surprising that this first job was in a record store. Being able to work in a record shop allowed him to fully involve himself in something which he has very passionate about.

Some of his colleagues in the record store worked to earn money and worked to put food on the table and he considers himself very lucky that he was working not just for the money but he was working for something, which gave him genuine pleasure and happiness. However, he is quick to admit that the salary also helped.

One of the most important lessons he has ever learned while working in the record store is to love what you do and to find a job, which you love. Having such a job means you will wake up each day with passion to go after your goals and do your very best. It also means not having to constantly look at the clock to check if it is time to call it a day, leave work and repeat the same mundane things on the very next day.

Being miserable is not the wisest way to spend your life and he told himself that he will never do such a thing. Passion in what he is doing is what led Michael to pursue his love for cigars and create a business around it. Putting up the business was a risk but it was a risk, which he was willing to take, if only for his love of smoking fine cigars.

Putting Up a Business

The first day in the business was nerve wracking and he admits to being very nervous and questioning his decision to invest his hard-earned money in such a business. Well, he has come such a long way since then as his business today is thriving and expanding. He is very happy to have grown his business from the ground up with his dedication, passion, positive attitude and willingness to learn and take risks.

When you have a business, you have to be always hungry and thirsty. You must always keep yourself motivated as this helps keep the business strong and ahead of the competition. So how does Michael Asimos keep himself motivated? Well, travel keeps him motivated. Going to new places and meeting new people keeps him on his toes. Traveling to numerous fine cigar growers all over the world; seeing how they are made; and discovering the best practices in cigar rolling reinvigorate his senses, his love for life and his love for business.

Unlike traditional businessmen, he is keen to try new things and even has a style, which many people refer to as unorthodox. He is always on the lookout for new ideas and new business practices, which can make the business grow and prosper.


If there is something, which Michael W Asimos is most proud of, it is putting up his own business when so many people told him that he shouldn’t and raising it from the ground up when there were so many doubters and naysayers. Starting the business was not a smooth ride. He has had his share of bumps on the road but he has persevered through it and is now reaping the fruits of his sacrifice.

Seeing his business very successful right now gives him great joy and satisfaction. He has proven wrong the people who doubted him and who even thought of him as crazy when he started his business.

If there were one thing he could tell his younger self, it would be to not be afraid to take risks. If you are willing to work to achieve your dreams and if you have done your research, it will pay off in the end and you will get your just rewards. So many entrepreneurs nowadays do not even get the opportunity to start their own businesses because a lot of people close to them tell them that they shouldn’t and tell them that just isn’t worth it. Living in fear is no way to live your life. Be ready when opportunity comes and grab it.

Life Lessons

Life has given Michael W Asimos a lot of lessons, which he will forever keep in mind and maybe even impart to young people who would like to pursue their passions and chase their dreams. You can only play safe for so long. The world is out there waiting to be discovered and you owe it yourself to get out, explore, learn and contribute to the world and its people.

It does not matter what your passion is. It can be writing, social work, finance or photography. As long as you have the passion and the heart, you will be able to achieve your goals. However, this does not mean that you should just throw caution to the wind. You also have to study the industry which you want to start a business in so you do not end up throwing away what you have worked so hard for. There is a fine line between being determined and being stubborn and it is important that you know the difference between the two.