Scott Groza

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As the co-founder of the Groza Learning Center, Scott Groza has succeeded in creating and providing access to an academic environment that is both rigorous and enjoyable for each and every individual student, thereby ensuring all students are able to achieve their individual academic goals. The longtime resident of California has long been an advocate for greater accessibility to highly personalized educational programs in which students are able to enjoy tremendous academic growth in an efficient and productive manner. Scott has devoted his career to academia, and he is immensely proud of what his students at the Groza Learning Center have accomplished since its founding in 2006.

What is your hobby?

Anything that falls under the umbrella of the visual arts has brought me a great deal of personal joy over the years, and I particularly enjoy photography.

How did you get started with this hobby? What inspired you?

I’ve always felt keenly aware of the fact that regular engagement in creative pursuits is a critical component of growth, so I began trying my hand at all kinds of endeavors that would satisfy my creative side.

Tell us what you love about it.

It’s not something that comes naturally to me, so having to constantly work on refining my skills and succeeding in doing so brings me a great sense of pride.

Are there any groups you’re a part of or events that you attend related to your hobby?

It’s mostly a personal pursuit, yet I’m fortunate to have friends and colleagues willing to lend a hand or provide guidance from time to time.

Have you had to invest in equipment and if so, please share some of the things you’ve bought.

Over the years I have accumulated a fair amount of equipment, but my most recent purchase was photo editing software.

Where do you buy most of your supplies?

I go to for basically everything, so I also find most of what I need for my photography pursuits there.

Are there any good books for beginners?

There are a number of wonderful books, but I think most beginners would be best served by first taking a class for a more hands-on experience.

How has this changed your life?

A creative outlet is something everyone should have, especially since it helps you realize the importance of enjoying the process just as much as the outcome.

What advice do you have for others starting out with this hobby?

My advice to others is simple: Enjoy what you create and be careful to avoid being overly self-critical.

Are there any other hobbies you have?

Living in Southern California, I am fortunate that the weather is entirely conducive to a whole host of year-round outdoor activities. I particularly enjoy hiking and beach-going, followed by a refueling a great restaurant on the Westside.