D. Scott Carruthers is an artist whose primary medium is photography. He grew up in Anaheim, California, with a natural ability for the visual arts. This aptitude took off in his teenage years, as he began photographing musicians. Rather than attending college, Carruthers chose to travel all over California, taking photographs of musicians and models. His reputation grew steadily, which led to more gigs and more opportunities to persu his passion. He started photographing events in addition to the work he was doing within the entertainment industry. At the age of twenty, Carruthers opened his first photography studio. Because he already had a wide client base, the studio was successful immediately. This gave Carruthers the chance to dive into more aspects of photography that he wanted to explore, including advertising. When he signed on with an agent at the age of twenty one, he was given the opportunity to work on national ad campaigns. He also began photographing top movie stars and athletes. He continues to work in his Anaheim studio, and loves the thrill of being creative every day. His style has progressed over the years to include more abstract elements, as well as edgier subject matter. He is known to push the limits of the art form. read more