David Hastings: Paddling to Paradise

David Hastings: Paddling to Paradise

David Hastings was born in Evanston, Illinois. He moved around as a child, first to Urbana, IL, then to Newton, MA, where he went to junior high and high school. Since he was a year younger than his peers, before going to college he spent a gap year working in a biochemistry lab and picking […]

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Douglas Greenberg

Douglas Greenberg Hits the Slopes!

Douglas Greenberg, based in Portland, Oregon, is an accomplished financial advisor with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Economics, Banking, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas at Dallas. Douglas acts in a Fiduciary capacity […]

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Tom Maletta

Tom Maletta Caught the Travel Bug

Tom Maletta is a sales and marketing consultant specializing in business revenue growth. With over 20 years of experience honing his knowledge of the Arizona market, Maletta has helped hundreds of companies reach their growth goals. Outside of his professional duties, Maletta’s true passion is traveling off the beaten path and exploring new places throughout […]

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Jeff English Hoboken 3

Jeff English

Jeff English is a master graphic designer who has made a name for himself in the industry. He utilizes special artistic techniques to win over his clients from his Hoboken studio. He is a very successful individual that we all should take note of when it comes to emulating his success. He currently resides in […]

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brian cotter 1

Brian Cotter

Teaching is an incredibly difficult job. Students are becoming more challenging to teach each year. However, Brian Cotter leads Brian Cotter Tutoring and has found interacting ways to catch his students’ attention. Brian has found new and innovative ways to effectively teach his students. Although Brian may seem like a guru when it comes to […]

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Hallie Gay Walden Bagley 4

Hallie Gay Walden Bagley

Hallie Gay Walden Bagley is a true Kentuckian, raised in a 4th-generation horse breeding family. A Double Ivy League graduate (Dartmouth, English Major; Columbia School of Law, Juris Doctorate),  she learned to appreciate education early, so she started a College Admissions Coaching company 15 years ago, because she recalls her exodus from Kentucky to the […]

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alyssa reichel inspirery 720x400

Alyssa Reichel

Entrepreneur, Alyssa Reichel found her passion at an extremely early age in life. At sixteen, she had a love for fine jewelry. She devoured information regarding exclusive designers and the latest in trends. She entered the industry at the same time that she enrolled in an early admissions graduate program. She earned her degree by […]

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Mary Kaloczi Photo 4 1

Mary Kaloczi

Mary Kalocz and her brother were born and raised by a single mother in Canada. From a very young age, she was encouraged to become independent and to follow her excitement. She is an artist and painter. She has also participated in a wide variety of team sports when she was younger. She was not […]

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Marek Sabek photo2

Marek Sepek

Marek Sepek is an entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He and his family moved to Ontario, Canada in 1989 where he began he high school years. He worked in various jobs where he educated himself in the real estate market place. By the age of twenty, Marek had purchased his first home. He renovated […]

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William S. White Winnetka HobbyJam

William S. White Winnetka

William S. White Winnetka was born in Ohio and grew up in Damascus and Potomac, Maryland. When he was born his father was working for John Glenn as his Chief of Staff. The family moved to Maryland when Glenn was elected a U.S. senator. Mr. White went to Georgia Tech and studied Building Construction. He […]

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