Todd Walls

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Todd Walls grew up as an outdoorsy kid in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, where he played a lot of baseball and basketball. An all-star pitcher and shortstop, Todd led his team to a state tournament appearance before graduating from Portland Christian School in 1986, where he was also a forward on the basketball team. He first went to Western Kentucky University for a year before transferring to the University of Louisville, where he received a bachelor’s degree in police administration in 1992. Todd Walls worked his way through college loading containers and trucks at UPS on the overnight shift.

In 1993, Walls was hired by the Louisville Police Department. He patrolled the East End and West End of Louisville, working with the street crimes unit where he was known for chasing and catching perpetrators on foot. Walls was tasked with recovering stolen vehicles and reducing the number of vehicle break-ins.

Then from 1998 to 1999, Walls worked for the Louisville International Airport Police and Hollow Creek Police. While at Hollow Creek, he wrote and won an equipment grant of $5,000 for the department. Walls went and worked as an officer then sergeant for the West Buechel Police Department for the next eight years. During his time there, he confiscated large amounts of drug money and established a field training program for the department.

In 2007, Todd Walls started working for the Taylorsville Police Department. For the next seven years, he ran the undercover drug program by coordinating with agencies in surrounding counties to convict drug dealers and confiscate dirty money. He developed relationships and created a network of informants. For his efforts, Todd was honored with the Knights of Columbus ‘Police Officer of the Year’ award, as well as a medal for valor and meritorious service.

Walls returned to work for West Buechel Police Department in 2015, eventually becoming the Chief of Police. He won approval for the federal E-share program to share forfeiture money from federal agencies.

During his free time, Walls enjoys running, weightlifting, playing softball, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife and two children.

What is your favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby would be fishing. I especially enjoy pan fishing—crappie, bluegill, and shellcracker. I also like catching bass and catfish.

How did you get started with fishing? What Inspired you?

My dad. I started fishing with my dad. Dad would take me to farm ponds, Kentucky Lake, and Taylorsville Lake. Eventually, I got a boat, and that led to overnight trips at lodges and state parks all over Kentucky. I guess it just turned into quality family time.

What is your favorite thing about fishing?

I would say it’s the bonding it creates with your family and friends. It gives you quality time and develops good relationships. It’s fun and a great way to spend your time. It quiet and you have the opportunity to observe wildlife. And having a fish fry after a successful day of fishing is always great!

How would you say fishing has changed your life?

I’ve developed life-long friendships and life-long memories through fishing. My best friends and my family are the ones that I go fishing with.

What advice do you have for others starting out with fishing?

It’s great to find a hobby and interest that can have a positive influence on you like fishing can. Don’t spend a lot of money on equipment—a simple rod and reel, a bobber, hook and wax worms are all you need to have a blast at a pond. So just get out there and fish, talk to the people that are around you. Make friends and memories.

Are there any groups you’re a part of that you attend related to fishing?

I’m also a member of the Southeast Christian Church, and that has spilled over into different things and get-togethers through the church. We have hosted our Sunday school class many times for fish fries and other events.

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