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Nate Heddleston

Nate Heddleston is a Senior Manager for a transportation and facilities company. He has been a lifelong athlete and coach, still lifting and running regularly to stay in shape. From middle school to college and middle school coaching to college coaching, Nathan has been involved with track and field, running, and hurdling for about 30 […]

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Teresa Ann Zercher

Teresa Ann Zercher is a nurse leader for HCA Healthcare, where she holds the title of Director of Clinical Operations. Teresa Ann Zercher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Texas and is also a Registered Nurse. Teresa Ann Zercher served as a Flight Nurse for 24 years and is […]

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David Chersonsky

David Chersonsky is an active hiker who enjoys taking pictures of outdoor scenery, such as mountains, desert plants, native wildlife, lakes, rivers, etc. He enjoys visiting out of the way places, off the beaten path. He enjoys rock climbing in a nearby urban park, sightseeing, going on day trips out of the way parts of […]

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Kyle Lorber

Kyle Lorber is an experienced and passionate Social Media Manager and Digital Marketer with a background leveraging social media marketing strategies for one of New York’s top-grossing private real estate firms. Kyle is an avid learner, who stays on top of all the current digital trends. He is always eager to collaborate with small business […]

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Roddy Reef

Roddy Reef is a hard working and adaptable manager from Denver, Colorado with an extensive record of commercial construction experience. Roddy has many hobbies as well, however volunteering seems to be his favorite as it allows him to pursue his hobbies while finding ways to invest in other people. For example, one volunteer organization Roddy […]

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Peter Zieve

Electroimpact founder Peter Zieve created his company as a haven for engineers in July 1986. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington in Medical Engineering and initially founded his company to commercialize the Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveting technology. Thus, Electroimpact was formed and centered around the technology he invented in Doctoral Research. What […]

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Kim Renee Dunbar

Professor Kim Renee Dunbar was born in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, to Frank and Bernice Dunbar and grew up with her three sisters Bonnie, Laura, and Colleen. She attended Sewickley High School before receiving a B.S. degree in Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics. Kim went on to receive a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry at Purdue […]

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Hassan Dummar

Hassan Dummar

Hassan Dummar is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Elixirme Beauty, a company that sells hair and skincare products. He formed the company in 2015 and has been improving on its product range and quality ever since. 5-years down the line, he has grown Elixirme to be one of the nation’s most competitive providers of […]

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Jim Feldkamp

James (Jim) Feldkamp was born in Roseburg, Oregon. He graduated from Oregon State University and joined the U.S. Navy, where he was assigned to fly the EA-6B, the Navy’s electronic attack aircraft. After active-duty Jim transferred to the reserves, and joined the FBI as a Special Agent working international terrorism cases. Trying his hand in […]

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Bennet Schwartz

Transplanting his life from the U.S. to Australia has not halted the career of Bennet Schwartz, freelance creative director. Instead, the life and career of Bennet Schwartz Sydney resident have gone from strength to strength since the 2019 move. Bennet Schwartz already feels at home in Sydney and continues to find success using the creative […]

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